Plastic country

Iraqi, Kurdistan 2014

Their lives wrapped in plastic,
their pride made tangible,
held fast for another time.


Design by Jessy van Dinther



sims suli


We were millions
An old tree
A young tree
We were seeds
The helmet of Ankara
In a bloody night came
To uproot us
They did,
They took us away long away!
On the way many old trees bent
In the cold many young trees died
They froze
Many seeds were trampled
They were lost and forgotten
Like a river in the summer we had little water
Like birds in the autumn, we became fewer
We ended up in thousands of homes
There were still seeds among us, the wind took them
The wind returned them
They reached the thirsty mountains
They hid among the rocks
The first rain
The second rain
The third rain
They grew again
We are now a forest again
We are millions

Sherko Bekas, Suleimaniya in Iraqi Kurdistan