I am a visual artist based in Amsterdam. Starting from personal experience,
perspective or interest I find my inspiration in hidden realities. I modify and
research these “realities” to reflect my views on my surroundings to finally
provoke thoughts about the subject in my work.

Regarding prints or if you like me to make stuff for/with you, feel free
to contact me anytime. I promise I won’t bite!

+31 6 40 75 94 74

Ps: A selection of commissioned work can be found here (website still under construction).



01.09.12 – now                  Freelance photographer, at Liz Kunst Media, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
08.08.16 – now                  Photo-retoucher at Chuck studios, Amsterdam, the Netherlands


23.09.16 – 25.09.16          Printsale at Unseen Photo Fair, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
30.06.16 – 03.06.16          Graduation exhibition at University of the Arts Utrecht, the Netherlands
01.09.11 – 24.06.16           BDES Photography, University of the Arts Utrecht, the Netherlands
15.06.16 – 19.06.16           Printsale at the Expostore, Utrecht, the Netherlands
07.05.16 – 13.06.16           Exhibition at Lokaal Utrecht, Utrecht, the Netherlands

01.09.15 – 31.12.15           Internship at Mediamatic in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

28.03.14 – 26.04.14           Exhibition Close Encounters at the Academiegalerie, Utrecht, the Netherlands
14.04.14 – 16.06.14           Internship at  Metrography in Sulaymaniyah, Iraq